• Basic tasks of enterprise trade union

    1.  Carry out the resolutions of the general assembly or the member representative assembly and the decision of the higher level trade unions and preside over the daily work of the grassroots trade unions.
    2.  Representatives, organizations and employees shall participate in the democratic management and democratic supervision of their  units through the workers' congress and other forms in accordance with the law. The enterprise and trade union committee are the working bodies of the workers' congress, responsible for the daily work of the workers' congress, and inspecting and supervising the implementation of the resolutions of the workers' congress.
    3.  Participate in the coordination of labor relations and mediation of labor disputes, establish a negotiation system with the administrative side of enterprises, and negotiate and resolve issues concerning the immediate interests of employees. Help and guide employees to sign labor contracts with the administrative side of the enterprise, sign collective contracts or other agreements on behalf of employees and the administrative aspects of the enterprise, and supervise the implementation.
    4.  Organize employees to carry out labor competitions, rationalization proposals, technological innovations and technical cooperation activities, and summarize and promote advanced experience. Do a good job in the selection, recognition, training and management of advanced production (work) and labor models.
    5.  Ideological and political education for employees, encourage employees to learn cultural science and technology and management knowledge, and carry out healthy cultural and sports activities. We will do a good job in trade union culture, education, and sports.
    6.  Supervise the implementation of relevant laws and regulations. Assist and supervise the administration to comprehensively do a good job in labor insurance and labor protection, manage the collective welfare of employees, and improve the lives of employees.
    7.  Safeguard the special interests of women workers and fight against discrimination, abuse, destruction, and persecution of female workers.
    8.  We will do a good job in building trade unions, strengthen democratic institutions and democratic life, establish and develop a team of activists of the trade unions, and do a good job in receiving and educating new members.
    9.  Collect and manage well, use the labor union funds, and manage the property of the union.

  • Duties of the chairman of the enterprise union

    1.  Responsible for convening the trade union committee meeting and presiding over the daily work of the trade union
    2.  Participating in the meeting of enterprises involved in the vital interests of employees and major issues related to production and operation, reflecting the wishes and requirements of employees.
    3.  In the capacity of the chief representative of the employee, the representative and the organization of the employee and the enterprise shall conduct an equal consultation and sign a collective contract.
    4.  Representing and organizing the democratic management of employees and enterprises, organizing employees to supervise the   implementation of labor safety and health laws and regulations, and demanding the correcting of violations of the legitimate rights  and interests of employees and trade unions.
    5.  He served as the director of the Labor Dispute Mediation Committee and presided over the work of the Enterprise Labor Dispute Mediation Committee.
    6.  Responsible for reporting important information to the higher level union. Responsible for managing union assets and funding.

  • Trade union members' rights and obligations

    Union members have the following rights:

    1.  The right to vote, to be elected and to vote.
    2.  Any organization or any staff member who criticizes the trade unions is required to remove or remove incompetent trade union workers and supervise the work of the trade unions.
    3.  Criticize and suggest the issue of national and social life and the work of this unit, and require the trade union organization to report it  to the relevant units.
    4.  When the legal rights are violated, the union is required to provide protection.
    5.  Enjoy the preferential treatment of culture, education, sports, tourism, recuperation, career, life assistance, legal services, employment services provided by the trade unions; various awards given by the trade unions.
    6.  Participate in discussions on trade union work and employee concerns in trade union meetings and trade union media.

    Trade union members fulfill the following obligations:

    1.  Learn the basics of politics, economics, culture, law, science, technology and trade unions.
    2.  Actively participate in democratic management and strive to complete production and work tasks.
    3.  Comply with the Constitution and laws, practice the core values of socialism, safeguard social morality and professional ethics, and  abide by labor discipline.
    4.  Correctly handle the interests of the state, the collective, and the individual, and fight against acts that endanger the interests of the state and society.
    5.  We will safeguard the unity and unity of the Chinese working class and trade union organizations, carry forward class friendship, and do a good job in mutual assistance and mutual assistance.
    6.  Comply with the trade union statutes, implement trade union resolutions, participate in trade union activities, and pay monthly dues.

  • Documentary of the trade union work in 2019

    1.  Organize advanced skills training and assessment.
    2.  Establish file files for employees in difficulty and implement dynamic management.
    3.  Organized and successfully held the fourth staff sports meeting.
    4.  Distribute workers' summer heat and condolences and other holiday benefits.
    5.  Organize excellent employees to study and travel in Japan.

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