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    Technology Center

    The Technology Center of Jiangsu Weixing New Materials Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009. In 2012, the technology center was recognized as “Provincial Enterprise Technology Center” and “Provincial Cigarette Material Engineering Technology Center”. In 2014, it was recognized as a “Provincial Key Enterprise R&D Institution”. In June 2016, he established a postgraduate station with Hainan University. In the same year, the company passed the provincial postdoctoral station certification and established the innovation practice base of postdoctoral in Jiangsu Province. The laboratory has passed the CNAS national laboratory certification in 2019.


    The Technology Center is based on the postdoctoral research station, the Jiangsu Enterprise Technology Center, and the cigarette tipping paper and its materials engineering technology research center. It is equipped with a paper tension meter, contact angle, ink friction meter, smoothness meter, friction coefficient meter, color difference meter, paper gas permeability measuring instrument, fast drying oven, Agilent gas chromatography imported from the US, Agilent mass spectrometer, Agilent automatic headspace sampler, and ICP-MS spectrometer and ultra high performance liquid chromatography of American PE company. It is represented by a number of R&D and testing instruments and equipments.


    It is a professional, reasonable structured and innovative scientific team led by doctors and senior engineers. The industry-study-research cooperation team is oriented towards market and researches independently. At present, the company has 10 high-tech products and 60 patents.


    In the future, the Technology Center of Jiangsu Weixing New Materials Co., Ltd. will continuously improving the backward detection methods according to the national and industrial standards and purchase advanced instruments. The Technology Center is striving to become a super first-class technology research and development center.

  • Professional and Reasonable Research Team


    Lead by doctors and senior engineers

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    Advanced equipment with leading R&D technical team in the industry

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