• —— Talent Strategy ——

    Guiding Ideology of Talent Strategic Planning


    The company will comprehensively implement the strategy of strengthening enterprises depending on talents and scientific concept of development. To accelerate the promotion of professional capabilities of talent resources, we give great attention to the three employing links of cultivating, attracting and utilization. Besides, to provide talent support for the development of the company and alleviate the shortage of talents, we are accelerate the pace of building talent team.

    • Humanism. We must aim at realizing people's sustainable development, strengthen the concept of middle-level talents, and promote the coordination of talent team building and enterprise development.
    • Precursor section is the improvement of capacity. Accelerate the construction of talents, and achieve high-end pull and lead development.
    • Lifelong education and vocational training. Promote the implementation of multi-level and diversified lifelong education and training, not only to meet the balance of supply and demand in quantity, but also to achieve coordination and optimization in the talent structure.
    • Training, certification, and utilization based on professional competence. Through vocational training, the professional ability of talents has changed from weak to strong.
    • Comprehensive advancement. Strengthen the connection and interaction of talent cultivation, evaluation, selection, use, mobility, incentives and guarantees, and establish an efficient operation mechanism and high-quality work mode that conforms to the socialist market economy and has the characteristics of medium-sized articles.
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