• —— Leadership Care ——

    The establishment of a company is inseparable from the excellent employees of every enterprise who are active, diligent and hard-working. With the development of the company, it is necessary to continue to join the fresh blood. Different backgrounds, different experiences, different levels of talent pooling, resource integration, and market impact collision and mutual incentives can make our sales thinking lead. The performance has improved to a higher level.

    Jiangsu Weixing New Materials Co., Ltd. seems to be a big family, with its broad mind, accepting and inclusive of everyone present. Your family and character are different, age, hobbies are different, cultural level, social experience, and experience are different, but they play different roles in the enterprise. You are the pride of the company and the hero of the company!


    There is no difference between positions here. As long as you can make contributions to our enterprise, we will not forget! Maybe, your efforts will not always be rewarded with what you are satisfied with, however, we should believe that only the enterprise develops, we can get space for personal development. Perhaps, you may not be engaged in your favorite work, however, we need to know that the enterprise is an organic whole that cooperates with each other. Enterprises need your dedication and love, dare to be the precursor and selfless dedication!



    To this end, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all the colleagues who work have worked all along for the enterprise day and night! It is your silent support behind the scenes that makes us worry-free, work hard and go forward. I wish that all members of our family will be happy and healthy!

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