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The First Stage Acceptance Summary Meeting of Lean Management Project Was Concluded Successfully

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The first phase acceptance summary of the Lean Management of Gaoyou Weixing Cigarette Material Co., Ltd. was held successfully at 13:30, November 15 2019 in the meeting-room of Technology Center. The participants includes the promotion leaders, the lean office members and guide teachers. The meeting aims at summarize the result of lean management project in April-October and the work deployment at the next stage of the project.

At the meeting, leaders of all executive groups made a summary report on the implementation of the project with a detailed PPT. They made a comparative analysis on the actual and expected gap between the implementation of each module, and also analyzed the specific reasons, proposed the promotion space, and made a continuous improvement work plan for the maintenance and deficiency.During the half a year's lean management work, each executive leader expressed their feelings and understandings. They all said that lean management is helpful to improve daily management.

Lan Lihua, the leader of lean management promotion group, made a summary report on the completion of the project. She said that during the half year's promotion of Lean Office, all members worked hard. 6S, SMED, TPM and collection of basic data were completed according to our plan. Based on the above work, 6S standard manual, 6S evaluation system, equipment independent maintenance matrix, professional maintenance manual and SMED operation instructions were finished which provided basis and standard for the specific implementation of subsequent work. All execution groups passed the one-star acceptance of 6S and TPM at one time according to the established assessment standards.

In the report, Lan Lihua also reviewed our original intention and emphasized that the original purpose of lean project was to promote efficient development of the company. This year, we focused on strengthening the field management and equipment management. Next year, we will focus on solving the problems related to production and quality management. Although the lean management work has achieved phased results, from now on, the executive groups still must insist in lean management with high standards and requirements.

At the meeting, leaders of advocacy levels spoke one after another to express their affirmation of the work in the previous lean management project and put forward their ardent expectations of insisting in lean management and improvement constantly. Zhu Yuhua, deputy general manager of administration, affirmed the achievements of Lean Project for half a year to a great extent, and he said that the overall effect of lean management was outstanding. The site environment and work enthusiasm of each department were greatly improved than before. Gao Chunwei, deputy general manager of production, put forward constructive suggestions on the next step of lean work of the production center. He hoped that from next week, the leader of each department would reorganize the independent maintenance and professional maintenance and make a small-scale training plan.

Finally, the guiding teachers commented on the previous lean management work.

In his speech, Mr. Yang Qian of Boge praised the packaging group: in terms of the acceptance results and half year's work progress, the packaging group was more attentive. Later, he pointed out that the knowledge and content of 6S management and TPM is not enough to solve quality problems. We need to implement them and adhere to them. Only long-term implementation can ensure product quality. At the same time, Mr. Yang pointed out clearly that the system maintenance on site is still not good. We should pay much more attention to it, especially the maintenance and spot inspection in the future.

Xiong Ting commented on the work of each executive group one by one:

1. From now on, the OPL topic of the administrative center can be daily life details. The highlights are not only about the site, but also the analysis of the causes of management defects, etc. However, it has to be admitted that the document classification and daily cleaning and rectification in the administrative center are outstanding.

2. The achievement of Workshop I is basically satisfactory. I hope that the person who is responsible for difference analysis and improvement measures should be specific and detailed. Most importantly, we must analysis the data deeply.

3. Although the site management of Workshop II has been improved, it is necessary to make clear what has been changed in the next work and form the standard.

4. In case of accidents in Xianghua Workshop, it is necessary to analyze and discuss the cause of the accident, and then gradually put forward rectification measures and carry out targeted training from now on.

5. The equipment center is well classified and summarized the kind of breakdown. I hope they can put forward more executive improvement plan in the future

6. The classification mark of printing plate rollers is the biggest highlight of the storage center. It is hoped that more and more effective management methods can be formed according to continuous innovation.

7. It is hoped that specific measures will be taken to improve the technology center in the future. Advantages of technology center: all kinds of instruments have proper trunking arrangement, which is conducive to improving the quality of instruments.

8. In the future, it is suggested that the implementation of management in the packaging group should be responsible to the individual.

In addition, Mr. Xiong stressed the precautions for lean management in the next stage:

1. Develop a detailed inspection mechanism,

2. Modify and adjust cleaning point inspection and the benchmark at every corner,

3. Place the supplies (Carry out track management later),

4. Analyze and improve data application ,

5. Improve the equipment operation and maintenance ability of workers,

6. Deepen the theme of the previous meeting ,

7. Analyze the equipment breakdown and carry out the lean management work step by step.

In a word, the acceptance results of the first stage are obvious, but one-time assessment can not fully reflect the improvement of each department day by day. The purpose of the acceptance results is to motivate the internal drive of each department and each employee, and make better achievements in the future.The summary meeting of the first stage of lean management project is not only the summary of daily management of each department, but also the reflection and correction of each Weixing person's work, and also the vision of the whole Weixing for the future! The acceptance and summary conference urged to development of Weixing Cigarette Materials Co., Ltd. and reach a new mileage.

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