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The Conference Report of Lean Management Project Kicking off

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At 9:00 am on April 26, Gaoyou Weixing Cigarette Materials Co., Ltd. Lean Management Project kick-off meeting was held in the conference room on the second floor of the Technology Center. At the meeting, there were middle and high-level managers of the company, and the teachers and teachers of the team, including Mr. Xiong and Yang, the team leaders and employee representatives. With the announcement of the meeting, the executive vice president of the host, Zhu Yuhua, kicked off the start of the lean management project.

At the start-up meeting, the project leader's start-up report was first started by Lian Li, the leader of the lean management project. The launch report focuses on project planning and goals and plans such as 6S, TPM and SMED, and basic data maintenance, and announces project management regulations such as project organization structure, meeting mechanism, assessment and evaluation mechanism, and reward mechanism. Through its explanation, the employees of the company have a deep understanding of the specific content and execution plan of the project, and clearly understand their respective roles and roles in the project, and clarify their respective goals.

At the meeting, Mr. Xiong and Mr. Yang in Bo Ge gave a presentation on the specific work of project counseling, and made arrangements for the promotion of lean management projects. The company's advocacy layer, Deputy General Manager Han Tongming, Vice President Lu Zhaoping, Vice President Zhang Aibin, Vice President Zhu Yuhua and General Manager Zhang Aigang spoke in succession, motivating all staff to work together to do lean management projects. General Manager Zhang Aigang pointed out that we must be the benchmark enterprise in the industry. We must do our best in internal work, put product quality first, and do a good job in lean management to formally guarantee the necessary guarantee for the development of our products to high requirements and high standards.

In order to better protect the implementation of the project, Lan Lihua, the person in charge of the general manager's project promotion, issued an appointment letter and issued a letter of appointment to the 11 executive team leaders.

After receiving the appointment, the executive team leaders expressed their decision on the promotion of the lean project. The executive teams and the promotion office all said that they would implement the lean management work and implement the lean management. Effectively improve the ability of on-site management and production efficiency, strengthen self-learning, and improve personal management capabilities. At the meeting, the staff representatives spoke, saying that they would do a good job of implementing the company in accordance with the requirements of the executive team leaders, and would be the best way for the company to lean.

This project requires the company's full participation and participation in the city. At the meeting, the advocacy, promotion, executive, and employee representatives all vowed to “work in the company's TPM project, earnestly implement TPM work, respect the guidance of consultants, and study hard. Change the concept, go all out, continue to improve, and strive to become a domestic first-class cigarette paper-taking enterprise by realizing Weixing coils! Enhance yourself and promote maintenance!"

At this point, the start-up meeting of the lean management project came to a close, which means that the company's lean management project was officially launched. We believe that with the active participation of every employee and the implementation of lean management, the road to Weixing lean management must be successful, lean. It will definitely bring about an improvement in the overall management level of the company.

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