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Scientific marketing expands the market, creates brand and creates benefits

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China's economy has shifted from a high-speed growth phase to a high-quality development phase. High-quality development requires enterprises to quickly capture various economic information in the intricate economic activities, to find out market demand information, to grasp the law of market development, and to meet the needs of market development. It is necessary to enhance the pertinence and effectiveness of marketing planning, scientific marketing to expand the market, create brand to create efficiency, strive for and maintain initiative in the fierce market competition, always in an invincible position, work together, make persistent efforts, work hard to innovate, work hard, Write a new chapter in the high-quality development of enterprises in the new era, and contribute to the implementation of the new development concept and the construction of a modern economy.
Tobacco companies must be market-oriented. What is the market? According to Philip Kotler, “the market is made up of all potential customers who have specific needs or desires and are willing and able to meet this need or desire through exchange.” So tobacco companies must effectively play the role of the market in resource allocation. Decisive role, find ways to provide the market to meet the needs and desires, improve product quality, scientific marketing, build brands, improve brand awareness, brand reputation and brand loyalty, open up markets, create benefits, enhance corporate competition Power and innovation.
Change ideas. It is necessary to implement high-quality development requirements, implement the development strategy of “big brands, large enterprises, and big markets”, deepen the reform of cigarette marketing market orientation, and focus on consumer demand, ensure marketable sales, and deepen supply-side structural reforms. It is necessary to strengthen learning and training, improve the quality of the team, and truly establish the ideology of "customer is God." At the same time, enhance service awareness, improve service quality, firmly establish the "customer is always right" service concept, do a good job of quality service, strengthen service reputation, show corporate culture, and strive to enhance customer and consumer loyalty and reputation for enterprise products. .
Innovative marketing management. In the environment of the buyer's market in the tobacco market economy, enterprises must adapt to the needs of market development, respond to fierce and brutal brand competition, integrate and segment the market, seize key markets, take the initiative to attack, and develop marketable products according to consumer demand. Give full play to the brand effect of products, strengthen market development management, and strive to improve product structure and improve economic efficiency. Practicing internal strength, learning advanced experience, finding gaps, improving management and management, promoting management innovation, taking the initiative in a highly competitive market, winning vitality and entering a virtuous circle.
Innovative brand culture. Culture is the soul of the product. Tobacco companies should use Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics as a guide to explore and promote Chinese traditional culture, and reflect the company's business ideas, work style and aesthetic consciousness into the brand culture. We must have a business philosophy of "integrity and eternal", do a good job in every cigarette, serve every customer, quality-oriented, market-based, and enhance cultural confidence. Promote vitality with culture, combine local rich cultural characteristics, and develop brand cigarettes that are popular among consumers. Highlight the characteristics of the brand from a high level of culture, establish a good corporate image, develop new products, transform old products, achieve ideal market effects, and enhance corporate competitiveness.
Market competition, survival of the fittest. Tobacco companies must realize that brand is the life of an enterprise, quality is the life of a brand, and brand is the key to its core competitiveness. We must take party building as the guide, seize opportunities, accelerate development, build brands, expand markets, strengthen management, be determined to innovate, enhance harmony, culture, and use brands to enhance corporate competitiveness and build credible enterprises. In particular, it is necessary to clarify the main points of work, refine the work plan, strictly evaluate the incentives, do the work in practice, promote the development of the brand and the level of enterprise development, and strive to take the long march of the new era, and build a socialist modernization power and realize China. The Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the nation has been unremittingly struggled.

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