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Poke the hyperlink below and watch the original video of "Self Management Initiative" of Hetianxia Academy.

At the beginning of the year of gengzi, the virus was rampant.

In China, everyone fought against the epidemic.

The novel coronavirus pneumonia situation is a test, a wake-up call and a revelation.

Strict Self-discipline and Cherish Life

Develop good health habits and manage yourself all the time.

When the epidemic spread, confused and helpless, we put on masks, used disinfectants, started to develop healthy habits. We hoped that in the future, we could still use the current standards for self-management. We thanked the world for witnessing the praises of life, the protest heroes, the motherland and ordinary people. Life is solemn and sacred meeting this epidemic. The saved life, the lost life and the new life are constantly interlaced. Behind this, there is everyone's insistence in efforts and good health habits.

Protect Wildlife and Be in awe of Life

Maintain ecological balance and block the spread of virus.

All things have their own laws. People and other creatures are parasitic in this world. Wild animals play an important role in maintaining ecological balance. They coexist with various viruses and microorganisms. The novel coronavirus pneumonia is prevalent in the world, which has already told us:from ourselves, do never eat wild animals. Love yourself and love the world! After eliminating the novel coronavirus pneumonia virus, we need to reexamine ourselves. We wish that everyone can really give up greed and selfishness and respect life. You, me, him, her and it are all a part of the earth. I hope everyone can always remember the pain, keep good habits all the life, put an end to eating wild animals and protect the ecological environment.

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