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One Star Acceptance of 6S and TPM of Lean Management of Gaoyou Weixing Cigarette Material Co., Ltd

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The one-star acceptance check of 6S and TPM of the lean management project of Gaoyou Weixing Cigarette Material Co., Ltd. started at 9:00 am on November 15. The acceptance personnel includes leaders of the advocacy level, project leaders,

Xiong Ting and Yang Qian from Boge Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd.

The acceptance team accompanied by Ge Yaping, inspect the Administrative Center and focus on the inspection of the finance department, the archives office, the reception hall, etc.

The financial department has changed a lot, in which documents are sorted out and office supplies are placed in order. The scientific and reasonable office mode and clean office environment greatly help improve the work efficiency. The promotion of this lean management project has greatly enhanced the self-management ability and team awareness. And then, the acceptance team stressed that individual signs and signs still need to be improved.

Then, the acceptance team come to the archives room to check the results of cleaning, reorganization and long-term maintenance. They fully affirm the classification and reorganization of archives. They also say that the lean daily management system can continue to improve in routine work.

The reception hall is clear and the inspection team give a high evaluation after careful inspection. The reception hall is the first business card of our enterprise. There is no doubt that our company presents a refreshing business card to customers.

After that, they enter into the packaging workshop to inspect and evaluate the daily work such as workshop environmental sanitation, cabinet internal finishing, lean management basic knowledge spot check, etc. As a whole, the packaging workshop has made great progress in the communication of lean concept, daily work practice, on-site visualization and OPL production.

When inspect the storage center,they fully affirmed the work of classification, placement and identification of printing plate roller, etc.The clear classification and identification has a great positive impact on improving the work efficiency and saves waiting time of production workshops to a large extent. At the same time, the inspection team also praise the working attitude, enthusiasm and current achievements of warehouse team.

Then, under the leadership of the relevant person in charge of the technical center, the acceptance team inspect many departments, including the physical inspection room, chemical inspection room, design department and so on. The environmental sanitation, office supplies and cigarette packing paper samples are well placed. The internal parts and aging pipes of all the testing instruments have been replaced, to effectively ensure the smooth development of various research and development work of the technical center and the accuracy of testing data. All the management is helpful to guide the production and practice of the workshop. In general, the completion of the visual work of the technical center has won the unanimous praise of all the members of the acceptance team. While, the inspection team also put forward suggestions for improvement of relevant work, and they hope that all members of the technical center would require daily work in the future with higher standards.

Next, the acceptance team walk into the production center to conduct a detailed overall inspection on the printing, gilding, slitting, rewinding, punching and maintenance service departments.They inspect cleaning and sorting work, management and rectification results, professional training records, daily production records, maintenance records and other work related to the production. The production center has strong execution of 6S management.Every workshop has been cleaned and arranged according to the requirements.The production, equipment maintenance and repair records have laid a solid foundation for the future technical improvement and sustainable development of our company.

The last station is Xianghua workshop. The relevant workers warmly welcome the inspection and acceptance team and lead the acceptance team to inspect all lean management improvement points in detail. The inspectors not only inquire about the daily management of the workshop, but also pay special attention to the promotion of the lean management project to the workshop production. At last the team record the specific demands of the workshop production in detail.

On the whole, the inspection results of production workshop are satisfactory.There no need for large-scale adjustment and improvement. Especially the two instructors of Boge praise the orderly environment and positive working atmosphere of the production workshop. The purpose of lean management is to establish a production team with high quality, high efficiency and high cohesion. Gaoyou Weixing Cigarette Material Co., Ltd. is gradually stepping on a higher.

Finally, acceptance team point out that although the lean management project has been accepted in the first stage now, the idea of lean management is penetrating and will gradually penetrate into every work detail. This acceptance is not to draw a full stop, but to lead the real lean management of Weixing Cigarette Materials Co., Ltd. to a higher level. We hope that in production and management work, every employee can not only talk about lean, but also achieve lean, thinking of lean, so that the acceptance and scoring of each stage can effectively play a supervisory role, and the continuous promotion of lean management project is meaningful in the future.

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