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Lean Quality Project Team of Gaoyou Weixing Cigarette Material Co., Ltd Professional Knowledge And Skills Training Has Been Carried Out Since April

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The lean quality project team of Gaoyou Weixing Cigarette Material Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "satellite company") organized the project leaders and team leaders to carry out training on problem analysis methods in early April.These training aimed to improve the comprehensive problem-solving ability of the whole staff with scientific methods, and guided the practice on site. The main contents of this training include 5WHY Analysis Method, 8D Report and OEE. This centralized training plays an important role in the management of equipment operation status, improvement of equipment operation efficiency, on-site analysis and solution of problems, and comprehensive improvement of the implementation of problem prevention and corrective measures.

Mr. Yang, who is responsible for this training , mentioned in the 8D training that the significance of establishing lean quality project team of Weixing company is to build a team that adapts to the actual Weixing production to analyze and solve the quality problems. The key of Weixing quality control department is to find all the problems, analyze and research the problems and cooperate with the production department to solve the problems. At present, the company has taken all kinds of temporary corrective measures against the quality problems of products, which should be implemented continuously and verified until the implementation of permanent countermeasures is effective. But this is just a slow plan. What we need to do now is to use the 5M1E Method for each type of quality problem caused by human, machine, material, method, environment and possible factors of measurement. Then,we should use the method of 5WHY to discuss and find the root cause. The long-term corrective and preventive measures can only be formulated, implemented and verified based on the above preliminary work to thoroughly solve the problem.

In addition, the 5W2H Analysis Method was mentioned, which is helpful to form the awareness and habits of all-round analysis, and make up for the omission of previous issues. OEE training elaborated the significance and calculation method of the comprehensive efficiency of the equipment, hoping that all departments participating in the training can really attach importance to and implement it. It is one of the important methods to implement the whole staff production and maintenance management (hereinafter referred to as TPM). TPM management and OEE calculation seemed simple, but in production application, they will be linked with shift, employee, equipment, product and other production factors. So, they can be effectively implemented only through long-term record, analysis and repeated verification by all staff, and finally used to guide the actual production and control of our company.

The training of these analysis methods and basic knowledge is only a starting point for Lean Quality Project members and production personnel to improve their professional knowledge and skills until every customer is satisfied. In the future, Weixing Company will pay more attention to production, technical team literacy training practice, product quality control and improvement system improvement. At the same time, we will gradually expand the training content related to the quality of cigarette splicing paper products and the whole process of production quality control.t To make better products, the vocational training of Weixing Company will be throughout the whole production process including raw materials, product production, sales and use .

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