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Lean management project phase summary report will be held as scheduled

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On August 16th, Gaoyou City Satellite Cigarette Materials Co., Ltd. Lean Management Promotion Office organized a summary meeting of the lean management project stage in the conference room of the technical center. The company advocated Zhang Aigang, Zhang Aibin, Xue Zhiguo, Han Tongming, Chen Zhengyu, and the promotion office. Twenty-one members including members, foreign aid instructors, Xiong, Yang, and executive leaders attended the meeting. This meeting was hosted by Le Ye, the Lean Promotion Office, and Shen Yuan recorded.

At the meeting, the executive teams first reported on the achievements and shortcomings of the previous phase of the lean management project, the completion of the target and the analysis and improvement of the target gap. The administrative, packaging, warehousing, and technical teams systematically reported on the implementation of the 6S in the previous stage, OPL production, improvement highlights, and job perception. It can be seen from the report that in the early stage of the implementation group, the rational layout of the interval was strictly followed in accordance with the requirements of lean management, and the various items were sorted, and the items were fixed, quantified and fixed. The various areas were cleaned, cleaned and established. Maintain benchmarks and inspection mechanisms, maintain and improve, form literacy, and at the same time do safety construction. One workshop, two workshops, and Xianghua as the production line not only reported on the on-site management of 6S, but also reported the analysis of OPL production, SMED, red and blue card delisting, equipment shutdown data and maintenance statistics. The Maintenance Service Department focuses on the analysis of equipment failure data and related professional maintenance. The display of improved highlights, the training of one training and the training of training, and the presentation of data analysis of a group of groups fully reflect the efforts and achievements of the various implementation groups in the previous stage for lean work. In the effectiveness of the PPT's phased results report, the progress of each implementation group was significant, especially the progress of the implementation groups of the production line was the most obvious.

At the meeting, Lei Laihua, on behalf of the Lean Office, reported on the progress of the previous phase of the project and the assessment of the performance indicators. She pointed out that the 6S, TPM and SMED have progressed ahead of the project, and all the indicators have met the requirements. In the VI design, the standard color and standard word have been established, and the application of VI is in the design and implementation stage. In a few months, we will focus on the establishment of relevant systems and standards. The Lean Promotion Office summarizes the work of the various implementation groups in the early stage and analyzes the key performance indicators. In the previous stage, the implementation groups actively participated in the monthly meetings, weekly meetings, morning meetings, and training sessions organized by the Lean Promotion Office for 13 times. OPL produced 105 copies, 612 red cards were listed, 514 were delisted, the delisting rate was 81.33%, and the completion rate was 100%. The staged results are significant, but it is still necessary to make persistent efforts to complete the next work.

After the completion of the reports, the leaders of the advocacy level will evaluate and perform work instructions for each performance group. Vice Premier Zhang Aibin affirmed the progress of the implementation groups of this report, emphasizing that the executive teams should find their own reasons, analyze and solve the problems, and make personal suggestions on the long-term cleaning time in the report, requiring the production lines to change the production time. Deputy General Manager Han Tongming commented on the detailed report and content specifications. Xue Bangguo, vice president of finance, said that there are still problems in the details of 6S site management in the weekly inspection. I hope that all departments will pay attention. The head of Xianghua, Mr. Chen, suggested that the time for the PPT to report the chart stays longer. The leaders of the advocacy groups all said that the implementation of the various tasks in the previous stages of the implementation group was satisfactory, and the results were excellent, and encouraged everyone to work hard to do the next work.

Teacher Yang of the Association gave affirmation to the progress of the PPT reporting of each group, pointing out that further training is needed to improve the quality of the report. Teacher Yang pointed out that the implementation teams have completed their goals ahead of the goal, which reflects the attention of the leaders and the implementation of the executive team. It is hoped that the executive teams will greatly improve their work and innovation, and encourage the groups. Strive for greater progress.
Mr. Xiong gave more specific suggestions on the advantages and disadvantages of the PPT reports of the various implementation groups. Overall, there was a great improvement, and the detailed methods still needed improvement. The main recommendations are as follows:
1. The Lean Promotion Office shall issue the resolutions of the meeting minutes in the form of documents and follow up the completion of the implementation in the next meeting. It shall participate in the statistical and evaluation role of the lean participation rate, and the work objectives shall be standardized and continuously optimized.
2. Each executive group needs to control the time and location of the station. The sign-in form needs further optimization, and the personnel should be included in the form.
3. The administrative group Red Star team has limited production of single-point teaching materials, and should expand its thinking. It can write the system and process optimization and improvement into a single point teaching material;
4. A workshop must have a report for reporting when reporting, such as hello before reporting. Workshop maintenance awareness needs to be strengthened, inspections should be quantified, and the next step must have clear implementation personnel and completion time.
5, the second workshop report did not grasp the key points, should be familiar with the report content, analysis should have differences analysis, analysis of the reasons, the right medicine.
6. The operation of Xianghua workshop is the best. It is necessary to distinguish between cleaning time and management time.
7. The 5why analysis method should be applied to the equipment failure frequency of the maintenance service department to find out the root cause of the problem;
8. In the report of the warehousing department, the operation can only be completed and not completed. If there is no basic completion, the words should be accurate. The suggestion can be more appealing in combination with the actual work case;
9. The technical center OPL has technical content, but it needs to be trained to share and let each employee participate;
10. The packaging group is scheduled to be modified, and specific measures must be improved to achieve results.
Pay attention to the selection of good highlights. Loyalty is against the ears, but Xiong’s comments on the executive groups are professional and pertinent. This provides a good solution and improvement direction for the implementation teams in the future work. I hope that the executive teams will be better in the next work. Performance.

General Manager Zhang Aigang made important instructions on lean management after the meeting, requiring all advocacy layers to attach great importance to the work of lean management, to implement all the work, to implement internal training, and to strengthen work inspection and supervision. Verification, we must do a good job in 6S site management and maintenance. The general manager expressed his affirmation of the preliminary work results of the various executive teams, and expressed his approval and gratitude for the hard work of the whole staff. He also encouraged everyone to make the enterprise a leader and benchmark enterprise in the industry. Lean management only has a starting point. The end point is to persevere, persevere, and continuously improve. The words of the general manager pointed out the way for our future work. The lean project must be under the leadership of the general manager, the mobilization of the various advocacy layers, the meticulous guidance of the foreign aid teachers and the timely coordination of the promotion team. Under the active implementation, the better and better, the company's management level to a new level, for the further development of the company, we have reason to believe that the satellite's lean path must be successful.

The final agenda at the conference was to award the implementation team with excellent performance in the phased assessment. The Lean Management Promotion Office evaluates and evaluates the indicators of each implementation group in June according to the Lean Management Promotion Plan. The first place in the production line: the Golden Eagle team (hot stamping process); the second Seiko team (punch process): Third place: Service Team (Maintenance Service). Administrative line: first place: Pioneer team (packaging group); second place: warehousing team (warehousing department). According to the incentive method, the company gives the first place: 500 yuan, the second place 300 yuan, the third place 200 yuan reward. The general manager awarded the pennants and bonuses to the winners and won the awards with each award winning group. The staged summary report will come to an end in a burst of joy, and I believe that the next lean management work will do better.

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