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It's Said That Gaoyou Weixing Cigarette Material Co., Ltd. Has a Good Appearance

——Spring, flowers and friends are all in Weixing.

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Warm sun, goes over the gray wall, shining new green in the spring.

All things are growing with happiness in Weixing Company.

Bees and butterflies look for fragrance, in plum, orchi or peach blossom.

There will always be good things in good days.

Entering the gate of Gaoyou Weixing Cigarette Material Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Weixing Company), the first feeling is that the road leading in all directions and endless spring. Walking on the main road in the middle, the green belts on both sides are interlaced with luxuriant flowers and leaves. Stop and smell a faint fragrance, but still can't feel what the fragrance is. Suddenly, I glimpsed a winding path leading to the distance, and my feet walked into it unconsciously. Did I expect to enter a sea of flowers? Carefully step on the green steps, afraid to step on the small flowers growing savagely. As far as I can see, several trees of peach blossom are in full bloom and feel comfortable. I can't help but think of the appearance of "peach blossom and faces are red". Continue along the path, I see several red camellia trees as bright as night neon. Someone said that, don't love deep red but love light red, then in the Weixing Company "a riot of colour is always spring". Walking on the stone path, the warm sun is mottled. The colorful flowers, white magnolia, green branches and leaves, brown pavilions, blue sky palace and golden sunshine are just like the mysterious garden in Kandinsky's works. It's just a double feast of vision and smell filled with fragrance and refreshing of flower.

Go to the end of the front garden, turn back from the side of the road, passing by with a forklift and coming to the industrial society. On both sides of the neat and spacious road are pink night plum blossoms. At this time, the sun is shining, the night plum blossoms are trying to open up to the sun in clusters. Isn't that the spirit of the Weixing - fearless of the wind and rain, thriving in the light. Passing by the administration building, you will see the people coming and going in a straight suit. They kindly ask you good morning. This is how the new day will start. When entering the building, every office is potted with luxuriant plants and clear windows. I believe that this is an office that has been taken good care of by heart. The word "elegant" is not too much for the office environment.

After I came out, I went straight to the workshop with rows of machines rotating at full speed and full horsepower. That is the Weixing speed and Weixing power. The production workers were busy and the vehicles came and went. I felt that a few steps slowly would break this exciting atmosphere. So I walked along the sideline quietly. Machines,colors, efficiency are full of eyes. Although the production task is heavy, but look carefully, the things in the workshop and warehouse are placed in order, the operation regulations are on the wall, the workers are highly motivated, such Weixings are trustworthy. Go to the north gate of the workshop entering the technical center. No matter huge instruments or a beaker are clean and wiped in the technical center. Production and technology is the top priority of Weixing Company, which is closely related to the company's products. Beautiful and comfortable production and working environment is conducive to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of enterprise employees, improve work efficiency, and provide a strong guarantee for enterprise transformation and upgrading.

The beautiful green landscape, clean and civilized warehouse workshop, complete inspection room, exquisite and warm apartment dormitory, clean and elegant staff restaurant, dynamic and sunny gym have been living in the Weixing Company. Weixing Company is committed to providing employees with the same feeling of home, so that all employees can live and work effectively. At last ,Weixing Company with "beauty" and "connotation" welcomes customers and friends from all sides.

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