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Gaoyou Weixing Cigarette Material Co., Ltd. Organizes Internal Training & Test of Sales Saff's Business Ability This Year

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From the beginning of March 2020, Gaoyou Weixing Cigarette Materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Weixing Company) has organized and conducted business training and testing for our company's sales personnel in order to improve their comprehensive quality. Through face-to-face teaching and hands-on practice, the company conducts training tests in various fields related to sales literacy, mainly covering social culture, corporate culture, business skills, professional literacy, psychological quality, industry dynamics and product technology.

  • Keep pace with the times and the industry and be a wise salesman.

Sales personnel need to contact with people at different levels. They should be clear about what they like to talk about and what they do, so that they can have common topics with each other, and then it can be easily accepted to talk about business with customers in various situations. Therefore, to broaden their knowledge and understand the trend of the industry can ensure that the sales staff always "have rice to cook" when serving customers.

Therefore, the company first carried out the training and test on the cultural and historical knowledge of Gaoyou City, Yangzhou City and other sales office cities, so that the salesperson could have a thorough understanding of the past and present development of his hometown and each sales point.At the same time, it can help increase the sense of belonging and identity in talking with customers. Besides, the sales personnel have made speeches and exchanged experiences about customers' new strategies and changes this year.

  • Strengthen professional comprehensive quality and be a qualified salesman.

In front of customers, the image of sales staff is the image of company. For this reason, the Sales Center of Weixing Company carries out all-round training on the professional quality of the salesmen, starting from the long-term teaching and regular training, to cultivate the company's salesmen's moral quality, psychological tolerance, tea pouring and wine pouring culture, language expression ability, pre-sale and after-sale service attitude and other aspects.

This time, through the comprehensive training and testing of the professional quality of the sales personnel, focusing on the practical operation, on-site guidance and other methods, the response ability of the sales personnel in the actual sales work has been effectively improved. It is expected that the sales personnel in the future sales work can have targeted choice and skilled application, and consolidate the foundation of the long-term cooperation between the customer and our company.

  • Master the products, understand the company and be a skilled salesman.

Sales personnel mainly deal with customers and products. Only when they understand the "past life and present life" of products, can they be skillful in the process of pre-sale and after-sale of products and make customers satisfied. Each kind of product has its own complex production process. Each millimeter of cigarette packing paper is meticulously carved through printing, bronzing, punching and other processes. As a salesperson, you need to have a thorough understanding of the products you sell in order to be invincible. Therefore, in this training, the company's production and technical personnel first explained the company's production and testing equipment and capacity, production and testing standards, special product points and other key issues of the company and products in detail. Besides, technicians discussed and exchanged the latest trends and development trends of the industry with the business personnel.

This centralized training for sales personnel has made great achievements. The improvement of test results, language expression and hands-on ability reflects the improvement of comprehensive quality of sales personnel in our company from another aspect. In the future, Weixing Company will carry out all kinds of business training and testing according to the industry characteristics, sales performance and actual demand. We would also appropriately increase or decrease the training content and improve the training methods. In addition, not only the training of sales personnel, the company has always attached great importance to training the working ability and creativity of all employees. We know that a developing enterprise must be a learning and innovative enterprise.

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