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Gaoyou Weixing Cigarette Material Co., Ltd. Comprehensively Promotes Preparation According to High Standard before Resumption of Work

——Resume soon , Treat Strictly , Overcome obstacles

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On February 9, 2020, Gaoyou Weixing Cigarette Material Co., Ltd. launched comprehensively high standard cleaning and disinfection before resumption of work. We regularly disinfected the workshop, plant area, offices, canteen, toilets, dormitory and other areas. At the same time, the company also responded quickly, developed a serious of NCP prevention measures and implemented a daily epidemic monitoring management system to ensure the healthy of the employees.

NCP outbreak has occurred all around the world.

The mission of Weixing is to prevent and control the epidemic

Weixing does well in prevention

Effectively maintain the health and life safety of all employees

Weixing formulates NCP prevention plan

Beat NCP!

During the epidemic, Gaoyou Weixing Cigarette Material Co., Ltd. will continue to strictly implement the relevant standards, and on the basis of ensuring the personal safety of all employees, the company will spare no effort to produce high-quality and high-standard products.

In this regard, we call on all employees and the whole society to actively cooperate with various epidemic prevention measures and national policies and systems. While, Weixing company will also actively respond to the epidemic and resolutely implement the policies and policies of relevant departments such as health and epidemic prevention. We believe that the great motherland will surely win in this "battle" without gunpowder, and Weixing will create another miracle in 2020!

NCP Prevention Tips after Resumption of Work

Take effective measures for virus isolation and protection

I hope everyone can go to work healthy and safe and go home safely.

Protection 1: wear masks

The novel coronavirus is mainly spread through droplets in the air. Wearing masks can effectively prevent droplets and reduce the infection of viruses. The following three office areas are divided according to the risk degree:

1. High risk - restaurants

The canteen / dining room is the area with the largest flow and the highest density of people. It is necessary to wear masks when entering and leaving the canteen, stagger the meal collection by time, and scatter the meal;

2. Sub high risk office / Workshop

The flow of people in the office and workshop is not very large, but there is no lack of communication and communication. The risk of infection is still high, and the conversation between colleagues should be kept at a proper distance. Even in the office, please try to communicate online or by phone to reduce meeting and group meeting.

Protection 2: Office disinfection

Disinfect the computer, keyboard, mouse, etc. every day. The victory of "epidemic" should be carried out to the end.

Protection 3: keep clean

1. Wash your hands frequently every day. We should pay attention to personal hygiene, wash hands and drink water frequently, and cultivate healthy living habits.

2. Keep good ventilation. It is recommended to ventilate 3 times a day for 20-30 minutes each time, and keep warm during ventilation.

Protection 4: try to travel independently

Try not to take public transport. It is recommended to walk, ride or take private cars, buses and other means to work. If you must take public transportation, you must wear a mask all the way.

Protection 5: online business communication

In extraordinary times, face-to-face contact should be minimized. Business negotiation can be changed to online tool communication, including telephone, wechat and video.

Protection 6: choose independent dining

Protection 7: regular temperature measurement

The body temperature should be detected consciously, and the victory of "epidemic" should be protected in place.

Protection 8: no party

Do not participate in collective activities, do not go to crowded places, win the war "epidemic" and then embrace each other.

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