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Casting the Brilliance of Youth and the Limit of Life

The Company Held the Fourth Staff Games

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In order to strengthen the enterprise's spiritual civilization and corporate culture, this website enriches the cultural life of employees, increases the cohesiveness and centripetal force of all employees, shows the style of employees, and stimulates the enthusiasm of the employees. On May 26-27, the company held a “casting youth”. The 4th Staff Games, the theme of glory and the ultimate in life. The opening ceremony was hosted by Ge Yaping. Chairman Wang Chuanxiang, General Manager Zhang Aigang, Vice President of Production Han Tongming, Executive Vice President Zhu Yuhua and relevant government leaders attended the meeting.

Opening ceremony

At the opening ceremony, the chairman of the company, Wang Chuanxiang, said in his speech that organizing the workers' sports meeting is a major event for WeiXing Cigarette Material Co., Ltd.It is a grand event to fully demonstrate the physical and mental outlook of the employees. It is also enriching the staff's amateur cultural life and enhancing team cohesion. An important part of combat effectiveness. To this end, the company attaches great importance to it and has invested a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources, and has placed great hopes on successfully running this sports meeting. I hope that all satellite people will participate in the competition with full enthusiasm and high morale in the spirit of "friendship first, competition second", go all out, be brave in contending, surpass themselves, show good results, show that satellite people dare to fight hard. The courage to struggle.

Chairman of the company opening ceremony speech

Chairman of the company's labor union, Zhu Yuhua, delivered an opening speech

Government leadership

In the oath, the athlete representatives said that they must respect the leadership, obey the organization, abide by the rules and regulations, and at the same time actively compete, win the arrogance, defeat the defeat, the style of the competition, the level of competition, and the organization and discipline. The spirit of all-round development and bravely climbing the peak. The representative of the referee said that he would strictly perform the duties of the referee, be serious, conscientious, fair and accurate, and be a good record of athletes' performance with a full spirit and unity.

Employee vow

Referee swear

Company tug-of-war competition

Triathlon competition

4*100m relay race

100m running

Skipping competition

Table Tennis match

Table tennis match

Fixed-point shooting

Basketball game

badminton competition

On the court, the athletes are highly motivated and confident, surpassing their dreams with passion, winning success with sweat, and showing the heroic style of the hero. The participating teams cooperated with each other and talked about cooperation and win-win in the competition, showing the team style of unity and cooperation. The cheerleaders also drummed up their spirits and cheered on the players on the court. The applause, cheers, cheers and laughter accompanied the competitions and resounded in the satellite company's arena.
After fierce competition, the athletes achieved excellent results in various competitions. Each project produced first, second and third prizes respectively, and a total of 213 employees won awards.

At the closing ceremony, Han Tongming, the vice president of the company's production, said that the current sports meeting was in good order and excellent in performance. It was a grand event to showcase the talents of the staff. The teams fully demonstrated the spirit of Weixing people's unity and cooperation, pioneering and enterprising, feeling first, and first-class spirit. The style of the competition, the level of competition, the will, the unity and friendship, and the cohesion, Centripetal force and combat effectiveness. The company will also take this opportunity as an opportunity to continue to promote the construction of corporate employee culture, and continuously improve the employee's happiness index, laying the foundation for the development of the company's production period.

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