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Annual Meeting of Gaoyou Weixing Cigarette Material Co., Ltd. Successfully Concluded

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Gaoyou Weixing Cigarette Material Co., Ltd. held 2019 annual meeting at 8:00-14:00 on January 2, 2020. All employees and some employees' families of Gaoyou Weixing Cigarette Material Co., Ltd. and Yangzhou Xianghua New Material Technology Co., Ltd. participated in the annual ceremony. The ceremony includes year-end summary, outstanding individual and team commendation, mobilization meeting for next year's work, luncheon and gathering.

At the year-end summary meeting, Zhang Aigang, the general manager firstly made a speech, summarizing the brilliant achievements and honors achieved by Gaoyou Weixing Cigarette Materials Co., Ltd.. He also put forward the overall deployment and positive transformation in response to the difficult market situation and the good expectation for the work results in 2020. In his speech, Zhang Aigang pointed out that the sales volume reached 553 million in 2019, which is the achievement of all the employees. It is hoped that in 2020, every employee can insist fine working tradition, dare to do and continue to share innovation. At the same time, Zhang Aigang also sent his new year's greetings and gratitude to the employees. In order to thank each employee, the company will continue to carry out a series of humanistic care activities on the original basis in 2020. Our conpany would improve the employees' comprehensive quality and sense of belonging and provide a good environment and mechanism for the long-term development of each employee. In view of several product quality accidents last year, we will attach great importance to the elimination of production safety hazards and product quality supervision, and implement the lean management method. The year 2020 will be a quality year for our company. We will comprehensively promote the training in production safety, technology and quality, standardize the whole process control procedures of product quality, strictly implement the reward and punishment system, lay a solid foundation for improving the work quality of employees, and ultimately improve the economic benefits of the company.

In Wang Chuanxiang's speech, who is the chairman of Gaoyou Weixing Cigarette Material Co., Ltd., the achievements last year have been recorded in history. The company thanks every employee, especially the excellent employees. In 2020, every employee will be able to take the excellent employees as an example, overcome our own shortcomings, carry forward their advantages and abide by the regulations, with high morale to meet new challenges and opportunities. Cigarette packaging industry is facing great changes in the tobacco market and domestic economic situation. In the past year, Weixing Cigarette Materials Co., Ltd. has also changed a lot and got obvious progress in personnel structure, management methods, production equipment, technical innovation, etc. It is hoped that we will change our concepts in time, unite and keep pace. At the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the 2019 Central Economic Conference, put forward that China's national economy is resilient, resilient and promising. Chairman Wang Chuanxiang encouraged the staff present, actively innovated and improved, improved their sense of responsibility and quality concept, made every small thing in their work, worked hard for their families, for themselves, for the company, for the society and for the country, and won a decisive battle at a high level Building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way will add to the work. Finally, chairman Wang Chuanxiang also proposed that the company is willing to continue to invest in creating a safe and clean working environment and a harmonious and positive human environment. He hoped that every employee could continue to fulfill their duties, pay attention to the company's development, do a good job in high-quality products and efficient management.

At 9:00 a.m., with the solemn music, Zhang aibin, vice president of technology, read out the decision on awarding advanced collective and individual work of Yangzhou Xianghua New Material Technology Co., Ltd. of Gaoyou Weixing cigarette Material Co., Ltd. in 2019, and then advanced teams, advanced managers, advanced team leaders and advanced employees successively went to the rostrum to receive advanced awards and bonuses, the whole table The atmosphere of the ceremony was grand and warm. Advanced employees take over not only an Advanced Certificate, but also the sweat and hard work of the advanced personnel, the vision and expectation of the company's development, and the military order of the employees and the company's happy dream.


List of advanced collectives and individuals for commendation in 2019

1. Advanced team: printing team B; ironing team a; punching team a; ink team; coating team a; packaging team; canteen.

2. Advanced Manager: Qian hongcui.

3. Advanced monitor: Qiao Ping; Shen Guohong; Xu Lian

4. Advanced employees: Wang Yongye, Guan Hongyi, Han Dexiang, Chen Guobin, Jin Hongxia, Cai Meimei, Wang Minghui, Gao Changshen, Zhang Renbin, Chen Yongbing, Tang Chunmei, Xiong Jixiang, Wang Lijian, Wang honglai, Bai Ye, Zhou Jun, Wan Yong, Zhang Lin, Liu Wen, ye Qiang, Chen Cheng, Chen Hongqian, Jin junqun, Shen Zhilin, sun Yongliang, Tang Changfeng, Zhi Yumei, Zhang changjuan, Fang Jianping, Yang Tianlong; Wu Peidong; Guan Chunsong; he Yongzhong; Xue YingYuan; Wang Shuhong.

The year-end summary and commendation conference and mobilization conference ended successfully at 11:00 at noon. This summary conference played a summary and guidance role in the steady progress of the company's work in 2020, and also put forward basic requirements for the future daily work of employees, and established the general goal of 2020 product quality year.

The last part of the annual meeting is the luncheon and the whole Party Gala. After the careful preparation of the working group of the annual meeting, the luncheon is full of toasts and talks about friendship. Two hours of high tide of the party activity, each of the company's employees can show their own style, the program forms are various, and the lottery are exciting. Then, the chairman Wang Chuanxiang sang a song, which pushed the program to another climax. Finally, we would like to thank China Tobacco Hunan Industrial Corporation for providing prizes for this meeting. For the care and understanding of each customer and the support of the society, Gaoyou Weixing Cigarette Material Co., Ltd. and Yangzhou Xianghua New Material Technology Co., Ltd. can develop sustainably and keep the foundation business sustainable.

2019 has passed like a fleeting gap. Each of us has regrets, big or small, and more or less harvest, which makes these all become the energy on the way forward. The annual meeting is over, but the dream will never go far. I hope every staff will pack up his bags and continue to sail towards the future. In the new year, we will provide better products for the society.

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